Commercial Glasswasher Repair

A commercial glasswasher is an efficient and effective way of cleaning glassware for many pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, and other catering businesses.

They offer a vital service for your most delicate of tableware pieces, so when problems occur with your glasswasher, your commercial kitchen feels the backlash.

From employing more people to hand wash the glasses, to making sure your glassware is cleaned safely at the correct temperature, your kitchen may not be fully prepared to fulfil the role of your commercial glasswasher.

Nova Catering Repairs practise commercial glass washer repair to ensure your kitchen keeps functioning smoothly even after these hiccups.

    Commercial Glasswasher / Warewashing Machine

    Glasswashers use pressurised heated water with detergents to quickly remove grime off glass surfaces.

    They are specially designed to hygienically and thoroughly wash your glassware, whilst being delicate enough to avoid breakage which may occur in dishwashers.

    They take a fraction of the time it would take for employees, or even dishwashers, to do this, since their wash cycles are a lot quicker. 

    Moreover, they reduce the risk of injury from broken glass and improve the quality of the wash for your glassware (avoiding streaks, for example).

    Nova Catering Repairs’ glasswasher engineers are here to provide commercial glasswasher repairs when, and, as, needed for your catering business.

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    Glasswasher Repair

    Nova Catering Repairs

    With our Gas, Electric, and refrigeration qualified engineers, Nova Catering can repair, install, and maintain all types of commercial catering equipment. Based in the Midlands, we offer swift response times within this area and even 24/7 emergency response* to restore the smooth operation of your kitchen.

    We service all commercial catering equipment within the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Worcester, Coventry, and Gloucester postcodes.

    Furthermore, our manufacturer-trained engineers form an experienced team who are specialists in commercial catering equipment repairs.

    Our engineering team are supplied with a fully stocked universal van stock to assist in their repairs, and, alongside connections to technical teams of major leading parts suppliers, we can ensure a fast and reliable repair.

    Nova Catering Repairs’ engineers re-train often on new equipment, to keep up-to-date and knowledgeable about all commercial kitchen equipment, alongside using job management software for a refined service. This software is used alongside photos and videos of your repair, to ensure total peace of mind.

    Coupled with the fact that Nova Catering Repairs does not sell new equipment (meaning we won’t push you to buy new) and offer regular equipment servicing, you can be sure Nova Catering Repairs’ priority is to provide a genuine and good quality repair.

    Supported by a customer service driven office team, our engineers aren’t the only reason why Nova Catering Repairs has earned the trust of local councils, NHS, and celebrity chefs.

    *24/7 emergency response is subject to contract terms.