Electric Deep Fryer Repair

Nova Catering Repairs have experience with all types of electrical equipment repair for your commercial catering appliances.

This includes commercial fryer repair for the industrial electric fryer; our electrical equipment engineers are qualified to carry out these repairs safely and skilfully.

    Commercial Electric Deep Fryers

    The commercial electric fryer deep fries food by heating coils inside the fryer which directly heat the oil contained within; this oil in turn coats and cooks the submerged food for a crispy and delicious fried coating.

    Commercial electric fryers are used for a wide variety of food – from large pieces of meat and fish, to simpler side dishes like fries or onion rings; they can even be used for deserts, such as doughnuts and pastries.

    Because of this, many catering businesses find having an industrial electric fryer in their kitchen useful.

    Nova Catering Repairs offer fast response times for if your catering business is in need of a commercial fryer repair.

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    Electric Fryer Repair - Deep fat fryer

    Nova Catering Repairs

    The engineers at Nova Catering Repairs are Gas, Electric, and Refrigeration qualified – meaning we can work with all types of commercial catering equipment. Whether you need equipment repair, installation, or maintenance, with one call Nova Catering Repairs can help you. Plus, our fast response times and 24/7 emergency response* within the Midlands area allows your kitchen to recover normalcy as soon as possible.

    We service all commercial catering equipment within the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Worcester, Coventry, and Gloucester postcodes.

    The team behind Nova Catering Repairs are specialists in commercial catering repairs with decades of experience.

    The engineers are manufacturer-trained, and regularly retrain to keep up-to-date with new equipment releases, whilst our office team are customer support motivated and here to help.

    We are trusted by local councils, NHS, celebrity chefs, and many more because of this - alongside having connections to, and partnerships with, major part suppliers and their technical teams.

    Nova Catering Repairs do not sell new catering equipment, meaning we will never push you to buy new where only a repair is necessary.

    Additionally, we offer regular equipment servicing to reduce your equipment downtime and avoid more repair callouts. Our engineers carry a comprehensive universal van stock, and use job management software (as well as photos and videos of your repair), to ensure your experience with Nova Catering Repairs is smooth and straightforward.

    *24/7 emergency response is subject to contract terms.