Winterhalter Dishwasher Repair

Winterhalter is a family-owned company, respected worldwide for their production of high quality and efficient warewashers for high volume operations.

They are the only company that focuses solely on warewashers, a term which refers to dishwashers and glasswashers, staying true to their heritage.

Established in Germany, 1947, the first Winterhalter dishwasher was crafted in 1957, and the company has only refined and continued to develop their equipment since then.

Nova Catering Repairs perform Winterhalter dishwasher repair for if your commercial kitchen should experience downtime of this appliance.

    Winterhalter Warewashers

    Since the opening of their UK office in 1971, the popularity of Winterhalter warewashers across the United Kingdom has grown exponentially.

    Winterhalter supplies some of the forefront pubs, restaurants and Michelin starred restaurants, hotels, Michelin starred chefs, and many more across the country with their products.

    Winterhalter have an exceptional customer focus, drawing on their vast experience and creativity to offer solutions based on an individual basis and specific needs, making their warewashers some of the best in the industry.

    The engineers at Nova Catering Repairs are well equipped to repair and service Winterhalter glasswashers and dishwashers, and can offer our knowledge of this brand to help your commercial kitchen restore its usual productivity.

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    Winterhalter Dishwasher Repair - Winterhalter Warewasher

    Nova Catering Repairs

    Being Gas, Electric, and Refrigeration certified, Nova Catering Repairs can perform repairs, installation, and maintenance on your commercial catering equipment. We offer fast response times, and 24/7 emergency response*, within the Midlands area - where we are based.

    We service all commercial catering equipment within the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Worcester, Coventry, and Gloucester postcodes.

    Nova Catering Repairs focuses solely on the repair and servicing of your commercial catering equipment; we do not sell new equipment, so are not biased in pushing our customers to buy new where a repair is sufficient.

    We are specialists in commercial equipment repairs, and our engineering team has decades of experience in order to carry out high quality repairs. 

    Nova Catering Repairs uses manufacturer-trained engineers, who carry a comprehensive, universal van stock and use job management software to assist in their repairs.

    Our engineers retrain upon the release of new equipment, in order to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving catering industry. Moreover, our engineers can draw upon the relationships they have formed with leading parts suppliers and the technical teams of major suppliers, to ensure a fast and reliable repair.

    For our customers’ peace of mind, Nova Catering Repairs take photos and videos of your repair, and offer regular equipment servicing so that you can avoid unnecessary kitchen downtime.

    All this is backed by our customer support driven office team, who offer a friendly point of contact should you need our help. Together, the Nova Catering Repairs team have worked with local councils, NHS, and celebrity chefs. 

    *24/7 emergency response is subject to contract terms.