Hobart Equipment Repair

Hobart catering equipment are high quality, sturdy machines that are designed to stand up to almost constant use in commercial kitchens.

The major brand has been manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for over a century and they offer a range of essential pieces of equipment that can make restaurant and other commercial kitchens work more efficiently.

    Hobart Catering Equipment

    Hobart catering equipment has also continued to expand into new areas outside of the kitchen environment, adding items like outdoor grills and self-serve drink stations that are designed for quick production.

    Because of their popularity and versatility, Nova Catering Repairs are specially educated upon, and can therefore offer Hobart equipment repair.

    For Hobart catering equipment, the company's extensive history of innovation is a fundamental part of what has made them so successful in the restaurant supply industry. They have been around for over a century and have continued to release new products that improve kitchens worldwide.

    For example, their slicers are now designed with an automatic meat pusher which saves time on slicing large orders and reduces the risk of injury. Hobart catering equipment is also built to last. The machines are incredibly sturdy and resistant to damage, great for maintaining value throughout their lifecycle or when exchanging hands.

    Hobart catering equipment are all top-of-the-line pieces of restaurant equipment that benefit commercial kitchens in several key ways while also being built to last decades.

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    Hobart Equipment Repair - Hobart Catering Equipment

    Nova Catering Repairs

    Nova Catering Repairs can repair, install, and/or perform a maintenance check on your commercial catering equipment with just one call. This applies to all types of equipment, since we are Gas, Electric, and Refrigeration qualified. Based in the Midlands, we offer fast response times, and even 24/7 emergency response*, for our customers in this area.

    We service all commercial catering equipment within the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Worcester, Coventry, and Gloucester postcodes.

    Nova Catering Repairs consists of experienced, specialist catering equipment repair engineers, and a customer service motivated office team. Together we have worked for local councils, NHS, celebrity chefs, and many, many more.

    We have formed connections to, and partnerships with, major parts suppliers and their technical teams; we can draw upon these relationships to provide you with the most refined and swift service.

    Our engineers are manufacturer trained, carry a comprehensive, universal van stock, and regularly retrain on new equipment releases, to continue to provide you with a high quality service. Our job management software, including photos and videos of your repair, assists with this. 

    Nova Catering Repairs do not sell new equipment - this allows us to focus on providing the best repairs, and means our customers will never be convinced to buy new where only a repair is necessary. Furthermore, we offer regular equipment servicing to reduce the amount of downtime your kitchen experiences.

    *24/7 emergency response is subject to contract terms.