Commercial Fridge Repair

Commercial fridges are essential appliances for cafes, restaurants, and other catering kitchens.

There are a vast number of different types of commercial fridges available on the market today; commercial refrigeration can be categorised through fridge-freezers, fridge air-coolers and fridge coolers.

The latter two have a cooling function that is based on evaporation rather than actual refrigeration.

Nova Catering Repairs work on all types of commercial catering equipment and our engineers can help with a commercial fridge repair.

    Commercial Fridge

    Commercial fridges are available in all sorts of sizes for storing food items that need to be kept at a certain temperature range from -10 degrees Celsius up to +5 degrees Celsius.

    They can also be adjusted for humidity levels, which is vital to keep food fresh and tasty - too dry and they will wither and rot; too moist and they will develop mould.

    Some fridges come with a temperature display that shows the current temperature inside the fridge-cabinet at all times, so you always know what temperature your food is stored at; these fridges are best for efficiency and can even assist with commercial fridge troubleshooting.

    The commercial refrigeration engineers at Nova Catering Repairs are Refrigeration qualified, and on hand to assist with your fridge repairs to ensure your catering kitchen is running to the best of its ability.

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    Commercial Fridge Repairs - Nova Catering Refrigeration

    Nova Catering Repairs

    Being Gas, Electric, and Refrigeration qualified, the engineers at Nova Catering Repairs can service all types of commercial catering equipment. Whether your commercial kitchen is in need of a repair, installation, or maintenance check, Nova Catering Repairs can help you. We offer fast response times, and 24/7 emergency response*, within the Midlands.

    We service all commercial catering equipment within the Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Worcester, Coventry, and Gloucester postcodes.

    With decades of experience, the engineers at Nova Catering Repairs have established partnerships with, and connections to, major part suppliers and their technical teams to ensure a fast and reliable repair.

    Our engineers are manufacturer trained specialists, who carry a comprehensive, universal van stock for the smoothest repair experience. Even if your equipment is state-of-the-art, our engineers retrain on new equipment releases, so will be familiar with your appliance.

    They moreover use job management software, and record their repairs through photos and videos, for complete customer satisfaction.

    Nova Catering Repairs do not sell new equipment - so our engineers will not push you to buy new equipment where only a repair is best practise. And we don’t provide unnecessary repairs either, instead offering regular equipment servicing to minimise your equipment downtime.

    We have worked with local councils, NHS, and celebrity chefs alike, with our customer support driven office team being the point of contact if you decide to work with us. 

    *24/7 emergency response is subject to contract terms.